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Meet FlexiWool –  100% eco-friendly and 3D moldable interior panel made out of waste wool.

100% eco friendly

Made of renewable wool composite, mainly
other industries production residue. FlexiWool is 100% biodegradable and recyclable, not containing any oil product and reducing the CO2 footprint.


Hard to ignite. In case of fire, it releases no toxins and does not transform into a hot melting mass, as the only remains will be the ashes that cool very quickly.

Sound absorbent

Yes, including low-frequency sounds.
Say hello to rooms with better acouics!

Stabilizes temperature and air humidity

Regulates air humidity by binding and releasing water molecules as needed while being a good temperature insulator and improving the quality of work and life.

Improves air quality

FlexiWool is allergen-free and good for health, repelling du and neutralizing pollutants in the air.


Same co as its’ synthetic alternatives but with unique benefits. It is a real win-win situation.


You only need a thin layer of FlexiWool, taking less space in the room and leaving more for yourself.

Dirt repellent

The surface of the wool fiber helps keep the
material clean.

3D Moldable

Feel free to experiment and create
new forms to enrich the interior.

Developed a soft spot for FlexiWool?

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